Outfitter and Guide Moratorium

Outfitter & Guide Moratorium Extended to February 20, 2024

On September 19, 2023 the Lake County Board of County Commissioners voted to extend the moratorium to December 1, 2023 on the submission, acceptance, processing and approval of any land use applications for conditional use permits for any new Outfitter/Guide, which includes the utilization of any county roads within Lake County. On November 30, 2023, the BOCC voted to further extend the moratorium to February 20, 2024 to give staff time to consider all feedback obtained from the Off-Highway Vehicle Town Hall that was held on November 28, 2023. 

During this time, staff will finalize a new Commercial Recreational Permit, Ordinance 23-01, and the Lake County Roadway Use Guide

See the OHV Why document to learn more about the process and scope of work during the moratorium. Community feedback can be found here

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